More details about Book Groupers (by ElfCrafted)

Why is your website so plain?

Wer're in the early phases of development and Dr. Finnerty is currently writing the HTML himself in a text editor.

We're going to start bulk ordering books each Tuesday

It may take you a bit longer to get the book (possibly even two weeks or more though we'll try to get it to you faster), but if you're willing to wait your savings will be great. We'll notify you about new books related to topics you are interested in. One way you could then purchase the book is through the Amazon link we'll provide; you'd get the book fast (and we'll earn a small advertisting commission if you shop through our link). For some of the books we are also able to act as an authorized reseller due to our partnerships with distributors and publishers. We'll provide a link for you to order from us and at least every Tuesday we will put in a group order to get those books from our distributors and publishers and pass on a 20% discount to you and free (but super slow) shipping. If you can wait your savings will be great.

Currently we have NO books in-stock but we will special order one for you and get you 20% off

If there is a book you are interested in getting 20% off for please email the ISBN number and we'll try to get it for you at that price if we can. We also will be adding more and more lists of books here that we know we can get you a 20% discount on with free (but slow) shipping.

Have a suggestion for a book that needs to get Grouped? Let us know!

Hey Book Groupers, do you have a suggestion for a book that should get grouped? ----okay, I'm not sure I'll ever repeat that phrase again and perhaps I need to find the delete key fast ;)

Pardon me dearest website visitor, if you have any suggestions for books that we should look into offering a group discount on please email the ISBN number to with a bit about why you think it would be good. Right now we're prioritizing somewhat higher-priced titles that you can't already get a good deal on via Amazon. Many nonfiction texts including scholarly texts may fit this just fine. Unfortunately, we probably won't be able to get much of a discount on pure textbooks.

Would you like us to organize a group sale of your book?

Are you an author or a publisher that wants the Book Groupers who visit this website to consider your book???--- ugh, another cheezy pun again (sorry Book Groupers).

Dearest authors and publishers. One way to get us to look seriously at your book is to send a review copy to Dr. Todd Finnerty. Dr. Finnerty will evaluate whether the book would be right for the Book Group ppp---urghs, sorry.

You can send the review copy to:
Attn: Dr. Todd Finnerty
100 E. Campus View Boulevard, Suite #250
Columbus, Ohio 43235

Where we may go as Book Groupers

We're going to have different Book Grouper groups based on topics of interest. This will be based on clusters of book categories (using BISAC- it doesn't matter if you don't know what that means). You as a Book Grouper will be able to subscribe to emails and/or Facebook page updates telling you about new books related to the topics you say you're interested in. We'll curate the list so only the books that look relevant will show up. There'd be a link to Amazon for all of them of course (disclaimer: if you click on an Amazon link and buy something we'll earn a small advertising payment from Amazon). If we think we can do better than Amazon with a Book Groupers discount by arranging to sell it ourselves then by golly Book Groupers we're going to arrange that sale and get you a double-digit discount. This is what we envision for the future-- we're still working on building it up.

Connect with us

We threw together a quick, general Facebook page you can like and get updates whenever we get around to updating it. We're also going to add subject-specific Book Groupers Facebook pages as well as subject-specific email subscriptions soon ;)
Thank you Book Groupers! If you have questions email

Have a great day and thanks for your interest and for stopping by. You're probably one of the first people to ever be here. Nice.